Charles Graiman

Charles Graiman is the father of Sara Graiman, and designer of the Knight Automated Roving Robot, the Knight Industries Two Thousand micro processor and the Knight Industries Three Thousand micro processor.

It was Charles Graiman who chose to send K.I.T.T. to Mike Traceur for help in the Knight Rider movie.

In the first episode of the 2008 Knight Rider television series it can be seen that he is very proud of K.I.T.T. when he is able to adapt quickly to survive a missile impact. While worried about his daughter's safety in the burning car, he is also able to put aside his concerns and focus on downloading the data she obtained, even if it means putting her into slight additional danger. At the end of the episode, he has a brief conversation with Alex Torres about Mike's missing memories from Iraq, which suggests that he knows something about what happened. he unfortunetly dies in Episode 111: Day Turns Into Knight when the rogue pilot 'gus' destroys the plane with a bomb.

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