After the death of Dr. Charles Graiman, his daughter Sara Graiman is given responsibility to reinstitute FLAG, as the SSC is revealed to be the property of Knight Industries.

Manifest Edit

FLAG Command Staff Edit

OOC Account Name Position
Numb3rsfan Sara Graiman CO of FLAG
Leathurkatt Mike Knight Second in Command of FLAG
Tundra Donnie Lenson Chief Security Officer
Pending Appointment Assistant Chief of Security
Jetta Windstar Billy Morgan Lead Programmer/Research Technician
Pending Appointment Security Guard
Pending Appointment Vehicle/Satellite Technician
Pending Appointment Vehicle Satellite Technician
Non Player Character Danny Clark Computer Tech
Pending Appointment Computer Tech
Pending Appointment Chief Medical Officer
Pending Appointment Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Pending Appointment Doctor
Pending Appointment Nurse
Vehicle Operations
Jetta Windstar KITT Black Mustang
Leathurkatt KARR AI/Bot
Jetta Windstar G8155 Interceptor AI Vehicle
Leathurkatt Michael Traceur - Knight KITT's Driver
Pending Appointment KITT's Assistant Driver
Jetta Windstar Cira Knight KARR's Driver
Pending Appointment KARR's Assistant Driver
Catalyst Spark Victoria Marcus G8155 Interceptor's Driver
Pending Appointment G8155 Interceptor's Assistant Driver
Numb3rsfan Paul Collins Assistant Lead Programmer
Non Player Character Danny Clark Programmer
Leathurkatt Kane Aries Lead Mechanic
Non Player Character Dylan Fass Mechanic
Special Positions
Catalyst Spark ALICE SSC Computer System
Numb3rsfan August Novacek SSC/FLAG Aircraft/Car Designer