The Order was created in 2015 when a disgruntled former employee named Kyle Taylorson of Knight Industries became President of Midnight Sun Industries; a respectable company that handles such things as electronics and car dealerships.

Kyle was jealous of KITT, Michael Knight and the whole motley crew; especially after KITT caught him trying to lift government and Knight Industry secrets; so he was fired and locked up for several years.

After being released from prison, Kyle for all intents and purposes had 'turned over a new leaf', so he was hired on as a tech for Midnight Sun Industries. After two years Kyle and some of his 'buddies' forced their way to the top of the MSI chain, and after the President of MSI had a little 'accident', Kyle was elected to take his place.

Shortly after,The Order was born. A year after the Order being created, Kyle Taylorson was killed in a plane crash along with most of his staff.

Instead of losing it's funding, The Order dug their heels in to remain the invisible hand of Midnight Sun Industries.

Now in the year 2020 the Order is looking for a new CO, and the parent company, Midnight Sun Industries is looking for a new President.

Manifest Edit

The Order Command Staff Edit

OOC Account Name Position
Pending Appointment President of Midnight Sun Industries
Non Player Character Jack Hurst CO of the Order
Pending Appointment Second in Command of the Order
Pending Appointment Chief Security Officer
Pending Appointment Assistant Chief of Security
Pending Appointment Security Guard
Pending Appointment Vehicle/Satellite Technician
Pending Appointment Vehicle Satellite Technician
Pending Appointment Computer Tech
Pending Appointment Computer Tech
Pending Appointment Chief Medical Officer
Pending Appointment Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Pending Appointment Doctor
Pending Appointment Nurse
Vehicle Operations
Numb3rsfan Helios 2020 Black Dodge Charger
Jetta Windstar Shadow Hawk AI Ground Based Vehicle
Tundra Rin Valliere Helios' Driver
Numb3rsfan Jake McKee Helios' Assistant Driver
Numb3rsfan Jake McKee Shadow Hawk's Driver
Numb3rsfan Gabriel Bryant Shadow Hawk's Assistant Driver
Numb3rsfan Gabriel Bryant Lead Programmer
Pending Appointment Programmer
Catalyst Spark Zachery Marcus Lead Mechanic
Pending Appointment Mechanic
Special Positions
Jetta Windstar Jade Bolton Assassin/Sniper
Numb3rsfan August Novacek The Order Airplane/Car Designer